Opel Blitz 3.6-42-30

ID number Opel Blitz
License plate NJ-17-09
1st registration 30-06-1940
Mileage 44 km
Year 1940
Fuel Petrol

€ 56.500


This rare Opel Blitz was built in 1940 in Brandenburg and bought by the owner in 1982. The restoration was completed in 1993.
This Blitz has an original rare steel factory cabin and is equipped with an open loading platform. The complete drivetrain (engine, gearbox and axles) has been completely loose and overhauled with all bearings replaced.
After extensive searches in various countries, an original Imbert Houtgas generator has been found and returned to its original condition and assembled.
The owner's company used to drive this type of Opel Blitz and transport building materials.

Technical data:
Motor 3.6 Ltr. (Opel)
Fuel Petrol / Wood gas
Number of cylinders 6-cylinder
Displacement 3626 CC
Bore x Stroke 90 x 95 mm
Power 75 HP
Engine / Cylinder head Cast iron
Distribution OHV with Gears
Lubrication Oil pressure lubrication with gear pump
Carburettor Crankcase downdraft carburettor with acceleration pump
Cooling system Water cooling with water pump and thermostat

Clutch Dry clutch disc with pressure group
Gearbox 5 gears
Drive Rear-wheel drive, differential with bevel gearing

Chassis construction Pressed steel U-profiles with sleepers, Steel cabin
Front suspension Rigid forged front axle ½ elliptical leaf suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear axle Rigid rear axle, banjo ½ elliptical leaf suspension
Wheels Steel wheels
Tires 7.00x20 at the front, 7.25x20 at the rear (dual tires)

Steering Steering column with worm gear and pitman arm, adjustable
Brakes Hydraulic on 4 wheels via drum brakes
Handbrake Mechanical on the rear wheels
Tank capacity 82 liters
Consumption 23 to 26 liters per 100 km
Max speed in km 80 - 90 km


Dimensions (cm) 602 x 226 x 202
Overall condition Excellent
Technical condition Excellent
Optical condition Excellent


Own weight (kg) 3495
Loading capacity (kg) 5
GVW (kg) 3500
Wheelbase (cm) -


Transmission Manual
Cylinder capacity (cc) 3626
Engine power (pk) 102
Engine power (kw) 75

Axle configuration (4x2)

#1 #2
Tire size 7,00x20 7,25x20
Profile left/right (%) 100 / 100 100:100 / 100:100
Suspension - -
Maximum axle load (kg) - -
Reduction - -
Axle lift
Drag from right to left


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