DIAMOND 969 6x6 Garwood Wrecker

ID number 40633
License plate --
1st registration 15-07-1943
Mileage 14345 km
Year 1943
Chassis number 969A3303
Fuel Diesel

€ 12.500


- Garwood lifting installation
- Winch lift capacity 7000 kg
- Front winch
- Small jaw in front and behind the chassis
- Mercedes-Benz (type 910)

The wrecker features a Holmes twin boom design with a swing boom and powered hoist cable on each side. When towing, the booms were pivoted backward, connected at the ends and worked as one A-frame. When lifting the booms can be separated and pivoted 90% forward to the side, an outrigger can be lowered to increase lifting capacity. A power take-off on the transfer box drives a transmission with two winches in the crane frame. Controls on both sides of the chassis allow each winch to be raised or lowered independently. The body has low sides on the rear half that taper at the front to the floor, allowing the boom to swing. A bracket for the wrecker frame holds the spare wheel.


Dimensions (cm) 800 x 245 x 295
Overall condition Good
Technical condition Good
Optical condition Good


Own weight (kg) -
Loading capacity (kg) -
GVW (kg) -
Wheelbase (cm) 315


Transmission Manual
Cylinder capacity (cc) -
Engine power (pk) -
Engine power (kw) -

Axle configuration (6x6)

#1 #2 #3
Tire size 9.00-20 9.00-20 9.00-20
Profile left/right (%) 30 / 30 30:30 / 30:30 30:30 / 30:30
Suspension Leaf Leaf Leaf
Maximum axle load (kg) - - -
Reduction Hub Single Single
Axle lift
Drag from right to left


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